Welcome to Brown Dog Bike Tours!


Our Team

Matt Sheldon

The founder of Brown Dog Bike Tours.  Brown Dog Bike Tours is named after my long time trail dog, Riley.  Biking has been my passion as far back as I can remember and it still gives me the same sense of freedom that I felt growing up and riding around my neighborhood.  I was always on my bike, but I really started riding in the late 90s.  

I've raced many styles since then, including road, cross country, enduro, downhill and even a few trick comps, but long distance mountain biking is where I feel most at home.  I've won my fair share of cross country races as well as placing 2nd at a 24 Hours of Adrenalin world championship race.  I've paid my dues with plenty of broken bones and mishaps along the way, but my passion for riding still grows.  I spend most of my time exploring this wonderful part of New England which I call home.  

I love to push my limits on the bike, whether for distance or just jumping off stuff, and to share my passion for bikes with my 3 daughters and the community.

The Brothers

Ryan Hart

I'm the older of "the brothers" and second oldest of nine.  I grew up riding "sketchy" bikes until I could afford something "nicer" while Wildland fire fighting out West.

I enjoy all types of biking (even a little road) and enjoy the challenge of mixing it up and combining different terrain.  I've done some bike packing, including the "Super 8" in 2021 and the "Vermont XL" and "NH route" (a route my brother Collin made from the Canadian border south through New Hampshire)in 2022.

I met Matt through trail building at Drummer Hill in Keene, NH in the Spring of 2022 and have been riding with him and helping with Brown Dog Bike Tours ever since.

Collin Hart

I grew up in Richmond, New Hampshire as the third oldest in a family of 9 kids.  From a young age I was always outside hiking, biking, and exploring the Richmond woods. Family vacations revolved around camping in the outdoors throughout the northeast.  Hiking was a mainstay activity which eventually led to long distance hiking.  I hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2015 and the Arizona Trail in 2018.  


My early 20’s were spent in the outdoors of the Western US while working for the Washington State DNR and then the US Forest Service as Wildland Firefighter.  After moving back to New Hampshire, I began exploring all aspects of cycling in the region.  Mountain biking, gravel riding, adventure riding or anything in between.  I quickly fell in love with exploring the woods along dirt roads, class 6 roads and roads that have been forgotten through time.


A passion for cycling combined with a love of adventure led me to bikepacking. I rode the VT Super 8 in 2021, and in 2022 I rode the Coconino Loop in northern Arizona as well as the VTXL north and then returned home through NH on a self-created route.


I met Matt at a trail work day at Drummer Hill in Keene, NH and we quickly realized we both shared a passion for all things adventure biking.  I joined Brown Dog Bike Tours to try to help others get into the outdoors and explore new places on their bikes.


I think some of the best days on a bike include a hardtail, good company, questionable roads, and maybe a little hike a bike.