The Rabid Dog

The Rabid Dog 2023

Do you think you have what it takes?  We doubt it - YOU WILL QUIT.  The rabid dog is exactly what it sounds like… our hardest ride.  This course was designed to push our OWN limits!  With over 100 miles of adventure,  10,000 feet of climbing and over every type of terrain imaginable, this event will test your inner mettle.  The Rabid Dog hits all our favorite spots in the area, you'll get great climbs, awesome descents, exciting trails, and great views.  Come see what this region has to offer!  

The Rabid Dog isn't a race, it's a challenge.  Sign up today and see if you have what it takes to finish.  

The GPS course will be unveiled the week before the event and the course will not be marked.  We will send out a few team riders of different pace so you can join us for a sort of guided group ride or use the gpx to take on the course yourself.  The course is fairly remote and will have little cell signal in low areas so be prepared to self support!  Come on out and join us for an incredible adventure!

Cell reception is very intermittent.  Please be sure you download all .gpx files before coming to the event.  Onsite registration is available.

Ride Details:

What this event is…

This is a soul-crushing challenge!  This is NOT for beginners or those that are in anything less than peak physical condition!

Winchester, NH offers plenty of beautiful hiking and biking trails.  There's tons of fun to be had for the entire family!

Recommended Equipment:

Bring your favorite bike to spend the day on because not matter which bike you choose, at some point it will be the wrong one!


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