Everest Challenge

Everest Challenge 2023

Come join the Brown Dog crew and climb the elevation of Mt. Everest In Northfield Mass!  We will be climbing 29,032 feet in one go on one hill, with no walking and no sleep, do you have what it takes?  The climb is 804 feet of elevation change over 1.8 miles,  that means 36 times to the top for approximately 128 miles.  This is a true gravel Everest!  The hill starts out paved,  switches over to some nice dirt road, then a touch or class IV road to finish it off with about 60% on dirt.  We will have a support station set up on top of the mountain with hydration and fuel to keep you going with a cut off of at noon on Sunday. Take the challenge on solo or as a team of up to 10 people.  Teams can ride together and in any combination of climbs as long as the team total is 36 accents.  If the full Everest sounds like too much go for, shoot for half - you'll still be climbing nearly 15,000 feet over 64 miles!!!  What ever you pick,  its going to be hard!  So come join us and we can all suffer together!

As usuall, the rest station will be fully stocked with Kate's Real Food bars and LMNT electrolytes!!!

Recommended Equipment:

Bring your favorite gravel bike to grind the hills with.


(Coming Soon)