The Brown Dog

The Brown Dog 2023

Our premier gravel/adventure event!  Choose between our two course options - 60 miles or 35 miles.  Come join the Brown Dog crew for the 3rd annual Brown Dog gravel grinder!  

Some would call it an adventure ride, some a gravel grinder, we say it's a great day on the bike. Taking off from the Outlaw Brewing Company, the main course features 60 miles of varied terrain and over 5000 feet of elevation gain!  You’ll be riding on dirt roads, old access roads, mtb/quad trails, and a splash of pavement from time to time.  This course will definitely  test your skills and endurance on a bike, definitely not for the faint of heart or the first time rider! 

The 35 mile course has been extremely popular and is designed for those that want something a little "easier" while still having an adventure.  Overlapping some sections of the 60 mile course, you won’t be short changed or disappointed in the challenge.  This is a great option for those that aren’t ready to tackle our 60 mile course!

Both courses will be supported with a few rest stations located at some choice spots. 

Cell reception is very intermittent.  Please be sure you download all .gpx files before coming to the event.  Onsite registration is available.

Ride Details:

What this event is…

This is a gravel grinding adventure!

Winchester, NH offers plenty of beautiful hiking and biking trails.  There's tons of fun to be had for the entire family!

Recommended Equipment:

As far as the bike goes… bring your favorite one to spend the day on. It should be noted the top finishers the last couple years were riding lightweight drop bar bikes while others had fun on full mountain bike set up.  Wider tires will definitely be appreciated.  Whatever bike you pick, at some point it will be the wrong one!